Just when the marijuana industry is getting competitive, companies are doing all sorts of marketing fiasco to win customers and gain online visibility. So far, cannabis brands are already successful, reaching more people in target locations and increasing the customer base. However, this isn’t the end of the tunnel as online platforms also help brands monetize their platforms, including their website.

What more to love than earning more money when expanding the business online? If this is the goal, brands need to up their game in monetizing the website altogether. Other than this, entrepreneurs would also want to engage customers and increase visibility in different digital channels.

In this article, we’re exploring the profitability avenues for creating a marijuana website. From generating traffic, convertible to leads, to affiliate marketing, business owners can maximize the opportunities to increase profits with having a marijuana website.

Maximize the Profitability of Your Marijuana WebsiteWonder: Is Website Necessary?

A lot of businesses still don’t have a website for a number of reasons, including traditional marketing principles and lack of resources. The thing is, building a website takes time, and it also requires money to hire digital experts and developers.

Traditional businesses often snob the idea of building a site because they don’t really know the benefits of having one. Some are still in the early 2000s mindset, where flyers, posters, and print ads are effective. Well, there’s no denying that these things still work like magic, but the addition of digital media is a good opportunity to reach more customers.

The idea of building a website is rooted on the purpose of exploring the digital markets, connecting to more people, and simply being visible in the Internet. Because more people have access to the Internet, searching for products and services became incredibly easy. No fuss, no hassle, just use the connection to search for the things you need.

The cannabis industry is also evolving and jumping on trends, that’s why brands need to take note. Every other industry is already online, and it takes few days and a week to make a site live. The process of optimizing your reach and visibility will take longer, but at least, you will reap the benefits later on.

One of the reasons to have a website is to promote products and services freely. Because the website is a brand’s platform, publishing content with photos and videos cost nothing. Cannabis businesses can create a separate page for all the products being sold, from strains, CBD-infused items, edibles, and even merchandise.

The process is simple, and brands can reach more people across the globe. If anyone knows the brand name or the website’s URL, they can already access the content. This is pretty much the benefit of having a website as people can look for you and get results. Showing up on search engines affect a buyer’s purchasing decision for they want to access products, see reviews, and shop on the website.

The e-commerce functions are a plus because people can easily add items to cart, pay online, and get information about the orders made online. In addition to these features, the website can also present more opportunities to see featured products, buyer’s favorites, and other recommendations.

Moving past the shopping feature, websites can also serve as an avenue for affiliate marketing. If the site receives higher user traffic or visits, business owners can tap sponsors to monetize partnership. Bloggers are doing this for a long time now, and it’s more than effective in terms of monetizing the blog.

For marijuana entrepreneurs who want to share content from social media platforms can do so. Websites can feature widgets like YouTube videos, Instagram feed, TikTok entries, and more. All in all, the website serves a lot of functions for promotion and advertisement, additional income stream, and visibility.

When it comes to value, websites provide better branding and recognition because people can remember the logo, design, and its signature colors. Business owners can reap the return on investment (ROI) in different ways, from improved sales due to visibility and branding. By strategizing posts, incorporating quality pictures, and improving the design, the brand can engage web users and influence their purchasing decision.

Compared to other websites with poor design and content, marijuana enthusiasts will likely choose a more aesthetically pleasing site for it represents the business. Most web users shy away from brands that aren’t online—those they cannot find on Facebook, Instagram, or in search engines. Cannabis brands dominating the search engines surely get better recognition and sales for they are tailing on customers.

This is what marijuana businesses should take note of the following where customers are. Having a website is a gateway to acquiring more customers because you show up in search engines. This is a long-term search engine optimization (SEO) effort that business owners should also consider. With this, getting the ROI will surely take a little while, and entrepreneurs can catch on their sales.

The best part is not just successful sales but also consistent branding and following. The product has to be good too, because it works hand-in-hand with visibility, convenience, and appeal online. If branding and marketing are divine, yet the products are trashy, customers will not come back. The word of mouth online is more drastic, and entrepreneurs don’t want to receive hateful reviews from unsatisfied customers.

To put it simply, websites act as the public image of a brand and helps people to recognize the business. It also helps to showcase the brand’s products and services, allowing free advertisement and promotions. There’s also a benefit in growing the following base, so people know that the brand is legit and offer good quality marijuana products.

While the overall takes several days and weeks to settle, business owners can see the results themselves. The website allows entrepreneurs to explore the online market, where people take time to learn about the brand, find out about the products, and finally, place orders—everything in one platform.

Tips to Increase Profitability In Cannabis Websites

The thing about the online world is, there’s a lot of competitors. With the popularity of CBD and the ease in recreational use, more businesses are jumping on the trend and offer new products. Because there’s a lot of things going on, and lots of competitors are lingering, entrepreneurs need to move past the ordinary.

According to KissMetrics, about 96 percent of web visitors won’t be ready to buy and they need to be convinced before they make a purchase. To do this, you have to perform a number of tricks to maximize the profitability of the website. Here are some methods to do.

1. State the Benefits of Products

Consumers tend to compare products from different sellers. Now that more brands are exploring different effects and benefits of marijuana, the key here is jumping on the trends. This simply means you have to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and think of ways on how to be sold to a particular brand or product.

Emphasizing the benefits of the products is extremely important because it makes people think they are getting more from their money’s worth. In the skincare and cosmetics industries, marketers are creative in describing the benefits of the products. Take note of how they describe the effects of the skincare lotions, sunscreens, etc.; people focus on the good things before finally making a purchasing decision.

2. Demonstrate Products Visually

Websites need to look like a visual paradise because if it only contains words and blocks of texts, web users will surely close the tab immediately. Aside from the overall design, the landing pages should be nice to look at, contains quality images, and if possible, animations.

Because you’re selling the cannabis products, you want to provide a glimpse of what the buyer is going to get. Here, there’s definitely the need to hire production specialists to capture the best sample photos and videos. Trust us when we say people love visual materials—they look, research, consider, and then buy the products.

3. Improve Page Speed

The website’s page speed or page load time refers to how long it takes to fully display the content of the site. It’s millisecond that takes the browser to receive the first byte of information from the web server.

So, if the web user enters or clicks the URL of the website, the content must be shown in less than two seconds. Slow page speed is a recipe for disaster because people hate the slow loading time. Google measures the time of the first byte and consider this when publishing results.

4. Provide Value through Content

Content is always on top of the hierarchy when it comes to anything—campaigns, marketing, and SEO. People would want to know more about the products and the marijuana brand itself, but without testimonials, posts, or About Us content, a website feels empty.

Consider publishing informative content to educate web users and to provide essential information about the cannabis products. You hit two birds with one stone by doing this technique.

Profitability of Your Marijuana WebsiteTakeaway

Having a website is definitely valuable for marketing, advertising, and monetization efforts. By understanding the visitor’s purchasing journey, you can touch on the areas that can influence their buying decision. In the end, you make better sales by improved visibility and by taking more opportunities online.

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