In this modern world, having a website for your business is now a standard. In fact, almost all businesses have some form of marketing strategy that lets them take advantage of what technology has to offer. This way, they are even competing with other companies in their industry, while reaping the results of such practices.

In digital marketing, one of the most important practices is search engine optimization (SEO), which utilizes different techniques to achieve real, organic, and tangible results. This process is used by all competitive businesses, driving visits to their websites, and increasing their opportunity for improving their conversion rates.

Within the SEO campaigns of many companies, link building and backlinks are well-used strategies that not only drive traffic to their sites but also serve as a way to improve their business as a whole.

For your cannabis business, maximizing the use of marijuana SEO is a great way to effectively market your brand and products, as well as increase your earnings. Your campaign should be composed of a great SEO strategy combined with high-quality cannabis backlinks. If you have a website but are yet to implement such a campaign, here’s what you need to know.

Backlinks in Cannabis SEOWhat is SEO?

When planning to use backlinks to serve your company, the first thing you should understand is how search engine optimization works. In the most basic sense, SEO is the process of using your website and its contents to boost your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Ultimately, the goal of implementing this technique is to reach the number one spot or at least the first page of SERPs.

If you are wondering why this is the goal, simply look at your usual browsing habits. Let’s say you are looking for CBD near you. You will probably enter “CBD products near me” or “CBD products in…” Once you enter your query, you click on the first few items on the results page. Unless you absolutely cannot find any relevant websites or webpages on the first page, you are likely to not go to the second page.

In fact, 75% of internet users are likely to never visit the second page of Google Search, which is arguably the most popular search engines on the internet.

SEO can help you escape the pits of the second page and beyond and reach the first page, but only if you do it correctly. You need to clean up your website and ensure that every single page is worthwhile from a marketing point of view. Of course, it should also offer valuable information for your potential customers.

Then, you should overhaul your pages and their contents to include keywords associated with your service, so when users look to make queries using these keywords, Google’s algorithm will look for the most relevant pages and will find yours.

This is just the beginning and you want to make sure that your website or page lands on the first page. Backlinks can help you with that.

Cannabis Backlinks in SEO

So, what’s the connection between these? Cannabis SEO can be as effective as it can when you use the right keywords, publish the right content, use the current metadata, and everything else in between. However, a starting website may take a while to pick up traction and show organic results. This is why many businesses use paid advertisements at the beginning to jumpstart their campaign.

Along with these, another thing you can do is to do link building. Seeking help from popular and trusted websites. Your best bet is to acquire hyperlinks from these websites toward your own. This process is called link building and the links from their site to your own are called backlinks or inbound links.

These are valuable because it serves as a referral from a trustworthy source. Just think of the times your purchased products because a friend whose opinions you trust told you that it is a good buy. In cannabis marketing, backlinks are seen as a recommendation similar to this.

Now, you might be wondering how to find popular and trusted websites. These sites are also called high-authority sites or those that have a lot of unique visits and backlinks from other high-authority websites. This is why backlinks are important, especially those from high-authority ones. They help you increase your exposure by giving you a hand in boosting your authority.

4 Effects of a Successful Link Building Strategy

Now that you know the role played by backlinks in your business’ marijuana marketing, you might be wondering how it can affect your website and your conversion rates. These are just some of the benefits of an effective strategy.

  • High Domain Authority

As mentioned, getting cannabis backlinks from high-authority websites can help boost your own. Some services intent on helping marketers improve their campaigns have developed ways to calculate a website’s authority. Moz is one of these services. It developed a ranking score called Domain Authority (DA) that gives websites scores from one to 100 based on the quality of their links, including backlinks.

Having a high-authority website post a link from theirs to yours can greatly influence your DA. Just remember that Moz’ DA score is not affiliated with Google’s search results and does not play a role in the generation of SERPs for every query.

What it does do is help business owners and marketers have an approximate idea of how authoritative their sites look. In case you find your site having an inadequate DA score, you can look for weak points and make necessary improvements.

  • Building Relationships

How can I get high-authority sites to post my backlinks?” you ask. You can do this by doing outreach activities. This is the process of getting in touch with the owners of these websites and proposing a working relationship with them. Usually, businesses leverage their numbers showing how many visitors they have. This way, each site mutually benefits from the pool of visitors they each have.

However, as you are a starting site looking to increase your authority, you can look for websites that open themselves for guest posts. Such posts are from well, guests, and are published on the authoritative site.

  • Tap into a Wider Audience

The goal of link building is to expose your site and in turn, your services, to a wider market. By having your links posted on a popular and trusted website, you can tap into another pool of audience. The great thing about this is that the other site already has its audience’s trust. This means that they respect its recommendations, which in this case, is your business.

Moreover, this is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to another target market. Say, you have only been targeting cannabis consumers from a certain age range, and the other website caters to another set of people. Link building can help you get exposure to other groups of potential customers.

  • Stronger Brand

Lastly, this practice can help you develop a stronger brand in various ways. First, you are essentially marketing your business to an authoritative website, so that you will gain a link in it. You want to make sure that your business and site are in line with their reputation. You can do this by improving your website and strengthening it so it will reflect your goals, message, and values.

Moreover, the success of your link building activity sends a positive message to potential customers who came from another website through inbound links. Think about it this way: a reputable website linked your site to theirs, so yours must be trustworthy, as well. In a way, this is true because no sensible web and business owner will risk their reputation by recommending those they are not optimistic about.

Role of Backlinks in Cannabis SEOBroken and Reclaimable Links

Your link building campaign should not only focus on generating new links, but also repairing old ones such as broken and reclaimable links. Broken links are those posted on high-quality websites but are already dead and lead to nowhere. What you can do is to generate content that will fit the link and message the owner to suggest yours. Your proposal should be compelling and should point out that your new, updated, and high-quality content is a better alternative compared to a dead link.

On the other hand, link reclamation is the process of looking for inbound links to your website that are now dead or offer no value in terms of SEO. This allows you to update your pages, provide newer and more updated content, and generally improve the quality of your website.

Reclaimable links are also those that mention your company or brand but do not provide links to your website. Getting in touch with the site’s owner and asking them to link to your pages is part of the link reclamation process.

The Bottom Line

Marijuana marketing is not as complicated as it seems with the help of the right search engine optimization strategy that maximizes backlinks. With this technique, you can promote your business in more ways than one and see real results.

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