As cannabis becomes more mainstream, not only in the United States but in other parts of the world, more and more organizations arrange cannabis events that can help educate interested individuals about this plant. These affairs also help connect businesses and customers to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) relations.

Because of this, parties interested in attending such events can find a wide variety of happenings all over the US and even internationally. However, the pandemic has resulted in the postponement and even cancellation of some conferences and summits. Well, worry not because we compiled a list of affairs that are pushing through later this year. Others have opted to hold virtual conferences to minimize risks to the health and safety of prospective attendees.

If you want to know what summits you can catch, here are lists of non-virtual and virtual conferences and events of 2020.

 Important Cannabis Conferences & Events of 2020Non-Virtual Cannabis Conferences & Events

Attending physical events at the actual venue feels much different compared to an online one. It offers a sense of actualization as you are physically present and are there to interact with other attendees. If you prefer this kind of experience, then you might want to check out these non-virtual conferences which will be held later this year.

  • Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo)

The CWCBExpo focuses on creating opportunities for B2B legal marijuana companies by providing a venue for trade shows. It targets a wide variety of players including medical professionals, lawyers. Growers, government agencies, dispensaries, and many more. It takes place thrice a year in different locations namely New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston, all of which are considered the biggest media, business, and financial markets in the US.

The Los Angeles event will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 16 to 17. The New York leg will occur at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC from October 1 to 3, 2020, while the Boston one will happen at the John B Hayes Convention Center on October 12 to 22. Those who are interested in attending this expo can do so by buying passes. Remember that there are different types of passes that will let you access several events that will take place in the expo.

  • USA CBD Expo

Regarded as the nation’s largest CBD event, USA CBD Expo aims to be the leading CBD and hemp event in the country. It also seeks to introduce new and improved products and brands to companies and customers. Moreover, it wants to educate attendees about the benefits of consuming CBD while fostering a culture of unity, diversity, and acceptance.

The thing about this expo is that you could have the chance to catch it at a venue near you because it takes place several times a year. In 2020, it will be holding shows in Connecticut at Mohegan Sun on August 20 to 22 and in Chicago at the McCormick Place on December 11 to 13. It will also be launched in South America, particularly in Medellin, Colombia on September 12 to 13.

  • CannMed 2020

To held at Pasadena Convention Center, California on September 20 to 22, CannMed 2020 will focus on 4 areas related to cannabis namely science, medicine, cultivation, and safety. It has been running since 2016 with the goal to help people understand the science of cannabis, as well as its medical attributes.

This is why the organizers invited several brilliant minds in the cannabis industry such as Raphael Mechoulam, Head of Research at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It also offers a learning opportunity from experts through the CannMed Medical Practicum event to be led by the medical teaching team. This lets you learn endocannabinoid physiology, pharmacological insights, clinical applications, and many more.

  • MJBizCon in Las Vegas

MJBizCon is one of the biggest conventions related to the plant. While other MJBizCon events moved to virtual platforms, the Vegas leg will be pushing through on December 2 to 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This series of events is known as the world’s largest cannabis industry B2B convention, which allows various players to come together in a learning and networking experience.

Virtual Cannabis Conferences & Events

Now, it is understandable that you may be worried about physically attending events, especially with the current public health issue. Because of this, you might be looking for other ways to attend cannabis conferences and events without increasing your health and safety risk. The best way to go is to attend virtual conferences. Here are some of the most worthwhile ones you should check out:

  • MJBizCon’s Hemp Industry Daily Conference and MJBizConNEXT

As mentioned, MJBizCon is the biggest B2B marijuana event in the world, which is why it would be sensible for you to attend two of its virtual events. Hemp Industry Daily Conference lets you walk through virtual expo halls to interact and connect with various industry players in the supply chain. It offers an opportunity to learn and discuss the present and future of the industry as innovative and newly developed products arrive.

For a deeper look into the future of the industry, MJBizConNEXT is a great way to see what comes next. Offering an immersive and interactive experience, this virtual conference will be attended by a number of business owners, processors, retailers, cultivators and exhibitors.

  • The United States Cannabis Conference + Expo

This event shifted to online to minimize risks, making it easier for attendees to explore its numerous exhibits featuring new products, manufacturing equipment and many more. With a virtual platform available on June 9 and 10, you can network with industry leaders and other attendees through the text and video chat functions to be provided by the conference and expo. Lastly, you can participate as a team, which is useful if you are attending as an organization.

  • Medical Cannabiz World 2020

Focusing on policy-making, regulations, business considerations and health equity, Medical Cannabiz World is designed to help attendees gain more insight into the industry at a deeper level. To date, it will be participated by around 40 thought leaders and 20 keynote speakers who will hold over 10 panel discussions. Through its online platform, participants can join the second-ever conference on November 19 and 20.

  • Cannabis Marketing Summit

Lastly, those who are interested in working for a cannabis marketing agency might want to attend this virtual conference on June 1 to 4. To be launched by the Cannabis Marketing Association, this summit is designed to help marketers in the industry access knowledge and tools to make their campaigns more effective. It will be attended by CEOs, CMOs, VPs, directors, senior officers who lead marketing initiatives in their respective organizations.

Aside from knowledge and tools, you will be given a chance to learn about effective tactics and data that can help you formulate a productive strategy. You get the chance to learn from executives from various cannabis companies about their digital marketing strategy, branding techniques, and best practices.

Marijuana Marketing and Cannabis Conferences & Events

Whether you are launching a summit or you simply want to know more about the event, you want to make sure that you are looking in the right places. Cannabis marketing plays a role in making sure that information event reaches the intended audience. Here are some of the most effective tools organizers use:

  • Website

The first thing you need to check is the event organizer’s website. Usually, these organizations set up a dedicated website for cannabis topics to be discussed in the conference, which makes it easier to access information about the focus topics, speakers, and events. Moreover, these sites have a built-in ticketing platform to make purchasing passes easier. Some incorporate blogs to make websites more marketable in terms of search engine queries.

  • Cannabis SEO

When talking about the marketability of websites, it is important to discuss search engine optimization. Look back on your Google search that helped you find events. You probably entered “cannabis events 2020” or something to that effect. Marijuana SEO specialists use possible queries as keywords and incorporate them in high-quality content to make their sites and pages rank on Google. Usually, these contents come in the form of texts and blogs, even videos and images.

  • Cannabis Business Social Network

The next thing you need to check out is the social network account of the organizer and the event itself. Keep in mind that social media is often used to promote these conventions as it helps them interact better with their clientele. These are often rife with information and multimedia content that can help you get more insight about the affair you wish to attend.

Cannabis eventsThe Bottom Line

Attending marijuana conferences and events offers valuable opportunities for learning, networking, and participating in the industry. Now that you know which you should check out, you can start planning your schedule, whether you are participating in non-virtual and virtual venues. Make sure to check out these events online by looking at the cannabis marketing tools organizers likely used to promote their respective happenings.


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